FASB launches webcasts on IFRS

The US Financial Accounting Standards
(FASB) will be offering live webcasts free of charge to give viewers a
chance to email questions about issues such as the transition to the
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) to panelists during the
event, starting on January 8.

The webcast will feature a high profile panel of experts, including Robert
Herz, FASB chairman, Peter Bridgman, Decisive Consultants’ director; Greg Jonas,
Moody’s investors service managing director; Sam Ranzilla, Center for Public
Company Audit Firms chairman, American Institute of Certified Public
Accountants, will discuss the implications of moving the US toward adoption of

Moderated by Wall Street Journal reporter David Reilly, the panel
will cover topics such as the steps necessary to ensure a successful transition
to IFRS.

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