To celebrate their brand new pink rebranding, financial recruitment agency Hewitson Walker, who can be found at www.hewitson-walker.co.uk, will present a case of pink champagne to the winner.

But we can’t just give the booze away for nothing. We have prepared ten Budget-themed questions which will test your knowledge of chancellors and their speeches.

To enter simply write the answer you think is correct againt the number of each question and email us at comp@accountancyage.com – don’t forget to include your answers to the two tie-breakers at the bottom. The deadline is Thursday 23 March.

Which chancellor:
1/ Introduced Air Travel Duty?
2/ Raised VAT to 15%?
3/ Amalgamated the Budget Statement and the Autumn Statement?
4/ Reduced Higher Rate Income Tax to 40%?
5/ Presented the first televised Budget?
6/ Stopped Bed and Breakfasting?
7/ Introduced a new rate of income tax of 20p on the first £2,000 of taxable income?
8/ Announced separate taxation for husbands and wives?
9/ Abolished MIRAS?
10/ Reduced the basic rate of income tax by 1p to 23p?

1/ Which hotel in Barcelona will the winners of the accountancyage.com competition be staying at (there may well be a further clue elsewhere on AccountancyAge.com).
TIE BREAK TWO:2/ How many times will chancellor Gordon Brown say ‘prudence’ in his Budget speech?

As a clue, for each of the questions the answer is either Gordon Brown, Kenneth Clarke, Sir Geoffrey Howe, Norman Lamont, Nigel Lawson or John Major.
Good luck.

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