Survey shows increased confidence at software companies

BASDA’s latest survey is of its 350 members – who represent all sectors of the applications software industry including suppliers of entry level accountingsoftware, mid range business systems, ERP, manufacturing, eCommerce, payroll, taxation and web-based systems.

The results show that 55% of companies believe that the market is growing, at present, and 77% expect it to grow further over the next few months. Other results show that 38% of companies are experiencing significant interest in their e-commerce products and 52% expect e-commerce business to increase.

Commenting on the survey, chief executive of BASDA, Dennis Keeling, said: ‘It is reassuring that a very representative sample of our members believe that the market is growing.

‘There is a significant interest in eCommerce especially with 46% of our members reporting that BASDA’s eBIS-XML is the major focus of their customer enquiries. It clearly shows the transition from information gathering to buying eCommerce solutions.’He added: ‘Disappointingly for the governments’ Internet policy, only 6% of suppliers have customers who are interested in the government’s proposals for electronic transactions for taxation and payroll.

‘This is almost certainly due to lack of awareness. The development of electronic communication with government departments is an important initiative and they need to increase their publicity to help users understand the benefits of the eCommerce programme.’

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