E-BUSINESS preparing for the new economy – Equip yourself to survive

Whether it’s buying a domain name, finding training or getting the latest news, AccountancyAge.com is helping to equip our readers for the new economy.

Last week more accountants took the e-business plunge by registering their own internet addresses at our site. If your practice or business needs an internet presence, this is one of the most important strategic moves you will make.

And if you’re still feeling lost, AccountancyAge.com has courses to help you. Training provider worldoftraining.com has teamed up with AccountancyAge.com to offer courses ranging from basics through to the legal aspects of e-commerce and improving your net visibility. Access both these services, plus our online e-business section, through the AccountancyAge.com homepage.

AccountancyAge.com also includes a Your Practice section to help you manage and develop your firm with the help of experts. Information in this area deals with everything from e-business to marketing to dealing to with consolidators.


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