Revenue officer jailed for three years

Chandrakant Patel, 55, of Cowbridge Road, Harrow, was jailed along with two conspirators Kiran Karia, 45, of Tunworth Close, Kingsbury and Dhanji Gorasia, 36, of Hogarth Road, Edgware, who together stole £76,000.

Karia was sentenced to 18 months while Gorasia received 12 months.

The two men were both identified as receiving false tax repayments arranged by Patel from his Edgware office.

Repayment orders worth £34,571 were cashed by Karia while Gorasia received orders worth £19,724.

Patel pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to cheat the Inland Revenue. He was sentenced on 27 April following the conviction of Karia and Gorasia.

In sentencing Patel Judge Hardy said: ‘Public confidence in the Inland Revenue system is essential. The integrity of officers who work for the Inland Revenue must be above question. You proved yourself to be greedy, dishonest and untrustworthy.’

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