TS: Its childs play for Big Five firm

Our mole in the toyshop tells us PricewaterhouseCoopers has ordered 20 copies of the interactive computer game, The house that you built.

The idea behind the game, available from all good stockists, is that children design their own model house on-screen, which can then be printed, folded, cut and stuck together to make the real thing. Aimed at four to ten year-olds, the game encourages kids to use the computer in a constructive way rather than for the usual shoot ’em up games.

Apparently PwC is using the games as part of its team building programme – others who fancy a return to the nursery should look at www.make-believer.co.uk.

‘There’s lots to be learnt from children, as those who are parents will know,’ said a very grown-up PwC spokesman.

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