Stuck at your desk? Join TS

You may be wondering why, at this point on a Friday afternoon, TS is still sitting at its desk writing out a weekly review for you.

Well apart from our deep and undying love for our dear readers, ‘the man’ won’t let us go until we’ve done our allotted hours for the week. Given the long ‘lunches’ we’ve had in the last few days, we could be here until midnight.

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But it’s not the only time we’ve been glued to our seat this week. We recently managed to catch a sneak preview of the new film about the demise of Enron. Unfortunately, it left us with a funny feeling in our stomach. We just can’t figure out whether it was the blatant foul play being shown that turned our stomach, or the second giant tub of salted popcorn. Either way we haven’t fully recovered yet.

We’re not the only ones that have been rooted to the spot, with accountants at the ICAEW annual dinner staying put for a speech by Prince Charles despite the lure of the Champions League final, thanks to a few words by president Paul Druckman. Still, it’s better than the corporate finance faculty managed at its simultaneous event.

If you are looking for a way to keep your clients where they are, the answer may be just a step away. Profs at the University of Zurich have concocted a ‘trust serum’ that could restore the reputation of the profession in one go, even if your clients have just watched the Enron flick.

For those with more itchy feet, particularly the ladies, there may be a few opportunities about on the tropical island paradise of Bermuda. Everything you could possible want is there. Sun, sea, sand, cheap cocktails and scores of lonely male accountants to buy them for you.

Anyway TS has some serious sitting around to do for the rest of the afternoon. But we can promise you, we won’t be doing any work.

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