Accountancy tackles gender crisis

Link: Top 50 special report

The firm said it would announce the appointment of four female partners this week, adding it was ‘aware there is an issue with retaining female talent’. The firm said it had implemented a ‘range of measurements’ to make it easier for women to stay long enough to reach partner level.

All Big Four firms claim to have begun measures to boost the numbers of female partners in the wake of last week’s revelations. ‘We recognise it as an issue, and are putting up structures to deal with it,’ a Deloitte spokeswoman said, but went on to say that it was ‘early days yet’.

Sarah Churchman, head of diversity at PricewaterhouseCoopers, said the firm had launched a ‘women’s network’ which makes senior female staff more accessible.

Steve Rolls, national director of resourcing at Ernst & Young, said the promotion of two part-time female partners showed the firm offered flexible working practices.

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