PwC pays out £750 in employment tribunal

PricewaterhouseCoopers has paid out just £750 to Mihaela Popa who made a
victimisation claim of £40m against the firm.

The forensic account, who left the firm in 2006, claimed that PwC were trying
to sabotage her career, despite her landing a £66,00pa role at international
bank Credit Suisse.

The court ruled: “We find that in no way whatsoever did the unlawful
victimisation either prevent Miss Popa obtaining employment or cause her to lose

“There is no loss of chance in this case. This is simply a case of injury to

“In the circumstances, we take the view that we are looking at an isolated
incident of victimisation or retaliation” it added.

PwC is currently planning an appeal and are seeking to recover costs in court
later this year.

Popa is suing the US arm of PwC and took the Big Four firm to an employment
tribunal in 2007 over race discrimination allegations.

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