TakingStock – Who wants a million? Hughes does.

TS sat in front of the tv last Thursday night cheering on Jonathan Hughes, an accountant from Bishop’s Stortford, Herts, who was in the running to become one of Chris Tarrant’s millionaires.

Having phoned a friend, asked the audience and gone 50:50, our plucky contender had reached the dizzy heights of #125,000. Going for #250,000, he needed to know who would have been interested in a Miller’s Thumb.

He guessed the right answer, but knowing it was only a guess, decided to grab the £125,000 and run. A typically cautious accountant.

Hughes, who trained with Ernst & Young and now works for a law firm in London, is keeping a low profile, so much so that TS was unable to get in touch to offer congratulations. And ask for a loan. And no, TS is not going to tell you the answer to the £1/4m question just in case it comes up when you are playing WWTBAM on the works computer.

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