Taking Stock – Student increase means staff are on the street.

Riding a wave of popularity also has its downside. The Scots ICA’s new hi-tech building – estimated to have cost about #7m – will already be a tad cramped to fit its rising staff numbers when the move takes place later this summer. The institute believed the move from its existing warren-like premises to the modern building would add the finishing touches to an already fruitful year. But, the institute’s neighbouring education and training department has gone from strength to strength as it reels in more and more students from the Big Five firms. The English ICA is none too happy about the defections. But the news that its rival’s staff can’t fit through the doors will no doubt give a chuckle and light relief. However, laughter is not an emotion that comes so easily to the Scots institute’s magazine editor and journalists. Suggestions that they will probably have to reside in a nearby Portakabin until further provisions are made, may have left them seriously considering defecting south of the border.

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