Revenue to bolster marketing team

‘Few brands deliver as much emotive impact,’ the Revenue admitted in a recruitment ad placed on its website today. ‘When one of our letters arrive on your doorstep, the expectation of what lies inside is tangibly felt. And it’s clear evidence as to the power of our brand. It can move people.’

Nobody would argue with that, though most would suggest a letter from the Revenue only moves them to despair. But then somewhat optimistically, the advertisement adds of the role: ‘Most importantly, it has the potential to communicate some great messages – about our organisation and the central role we play in contributing to society.’ Gulp.

The drive to recruit a head of brand management, a head of customer communications and a head of customer insight is very much part of Revenue supremo Nic Montagu’s bid to bring the 21st century to the somewhat stuffy corridors of Somerset House. Last November Montagu appointed Whitehall’s first director of marketing and communications Ian Schoolar and he wants to continue his revolution.

But if the challenges the roles present seem considerable, they are well rewarded – though perhaps only by Sir Humphrey’s standards.

The ads read: ‘These extremely high-profile roles will be rewarded with Pounds 45-55k salaries, full board support, plenty of challenge, huge media interest, and the kudos of being part of a truly ground-breaking project.’

The Revenue is throwing Pounds 25m behind its drive to improve its image and ‘bring our organisation and customers closer together’. For those with board shoulders and a sense of adventure and, applications close on 17 September.


Inland Revenue recruitment vacancies

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