Fishermen reel in national insurance cut from taxman

According to a Revenue spokesman, share fishermen pay a special rate of Class 2 NICs.

The rates in Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be set by statutory instrument which will amend regulation 98 of the Social Security (Contributions) Regulations 1979 in Great Britain and regulation 96 of the Social Security (Contributions) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1979 in Northern Ireland.

Share fishermen do not pay the standard rate of Class 2 NICs generally payable by the self-employed.

Instead they pay a special rate which takes into account the fact that, in addition to state retirement pension, widow’s benefits, Incapacity Benefit and Maternity Allowance, they are entitled to claim Jobseeker’s Allowance which is not available to those who pay standard rate Class 2 NICs.

Share fishermen may also pay Class 4 NICs on the taxable profits of their business if these exceed a certain level.

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