Lib Dems website promotes online taxpaying

The Liberal Democrat Party will launch a website next week to promote better tax policies, including making paying taxes online simpler.

The site, called, will go live next Tuesday.

Edward Davey, MP for Kingston and Surbiton said: ‘Every month over the next two years we will send out an e-newsletter to businesses, accountancy firms and academics to put our ideas about how to simplify the tax system. Paying taxes online will up for debate. We want to use the internet to develop thinking and ideas.’

Last month Charles Kennedy, leader of the Liberal Democrats, attacked the government’s record for doing business online – highlighting the area of paying taxes.

Speaking at the Federation of Small Businesses annual conference, he said: ‘The Americans, the Scandinavians and the Australians are all much better than us at e-government. Paying taxes on-line saves paperwork and it can be much less time-consuming.’

A report published last year, commissioned by the United Nations Development Program ranked the UK 14th in a list of countries that use technology to improve the quality of life. In first place was Norway, followed by Australia.

The report highlighted how technology is crucial for countries looking to make their citizen’ lives better.

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