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But how many organisations consider how easy it is to find them on the internet?

The most important element of internet ‘visibility’ is the web address or domain name.

While an internet address can be any mixture of numbers and letters, some of the biggest brands on the net are those who have picked the right names for the products and services they offer.

To help accountants and other financial decision-makers find the best internet identities for their business or practice, has a domain name searching facility. By using the search boxes on the home page of the site, it’s possible to check the availability.

And if your preferred name has gone, as well as telling you who’s got it, will generate the best alternatives.

If you do find a domain name you’re interested in – be it the name of your practice or even your own name – we’ve provided a straightforward online payment system which resides on a secure site.

To search for a domain name, go to the home page of and use the search box on the right-hand side of the page.

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