Eastern europe seeks help

Link: Demand for interim FDs doubles

Finance directors, financial controllers and accountants are needed to shore up loss-making ventures in countries such as Poland.

UK-based experts are being sought due to a shortage of qualified local staff available to work on a short-term basis. This, combined with the harsher economic climate and the pressure of joining the EU, has created the need for new ideas and a greater demand for interims.

Scottish chartered accountant Alan Taylor, head of Ashton Penney’s interim Europe division, said there was a particular need for accountants that have worked in the country where the subsidiary is located.

‘They need help because they are trying to raise their level and profile. They need to do it quickly, but they don’t have a large contingent of interim managers with the necessary expertise that are available.’

He added that some companies had been hit by seemingly insurmountable problems that needed ‘a fresh pair of eyes’.

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