NTL cuts internet fees completely

The free internet service, ntlworld, will be available for PC users from 17 April, with a TV internet service set to follow soon after.

NTL’s announcement comes a day after US portal Altavista unveiled plans to offer unmetered internet access in the UK with no monthly fee.

Excite.co.uk also plans to launch a similar service before the end of this year.

Customers will need to sign up to NTL’s phone service. Homes in areas cabled by NTL will get access as part of a cable TV and phone package priced at £9.25 per month.

BT customers will need to buy a line adapter for £10 and must spend at least £10 per month on non-internet voice calls.

Users of ntlworld will not incur a call connection, ISP subscription fee or internet call charges.

“NTL has a vision to bring the internet to all UK homes, either via the PC or the TV. ntlworld will help the UK in a drive to lead the world in making ecommerce, e-entertainment and e-education available to everyone,” said Barclay Knapp, chief executive of NTL.

By contrast, Altavista users will pay a one-off charge of £30 to £50 and an annual charge of £10 to £20 in return for unmetered internet access.

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