‘Skilling wanted chief exec job at Lucent’

The cross-examination of former Enron boss Jeff Skilling has come to an
abrupt end with Sean Berkowitz, the government lawyer, accusing Skilling of
misrepresented his reasons for leaving the troubled energy giant in August 2001.

Berkowitz showed the court a slide with 11 reasons Skilling had cited in his
testimony for leaving Enron, chief among them being to spend time with his

He then claimed that shortly after Skilling left Enron he told an old friend
he was considering taking the job as chief executive at IT equipment maker,
Lucent Technologies, with the implication being that Skilling wanted to leave
Enron because he knew it was going to collapse, not to take time off to be with
his family.

Skilling denied that he told the friend – Dick Foster – that he was
interested in taking the Lucent job, only that it had been brought up, according
to US reports.

Skilling along with former boss Ken Lay deny any wrongdoing in the collapse
of the energy company.

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