Taking Stock – Ex-accounts man makes crime pay.

TS has a soft spot for celebrity gossip or weird and wonderful facts about the lives of those who have become rich and famous (or infamous) after a glittering career in accountancy. TS would like to turn the spotlight this week on Great Train Robber and ex-con turned movie consultant, Bruce Reynolds, who is living proof that crime really does pay. In a recent interview with The Guardian, the mastermind behind the Great Train Robbery in 1963 and consultant on the newly released film Gangster No.1, Bruce revealed he once worked in the accounts department of a national newspaper. According to the interview, Reynolds, now 68, had his heart set on becoming a foreign correspondent and aspired to the notion that the pen was mightier than the cosh. As a result, he worked as a messenger boy, then in the accounts department of the Daily Mail. This was a bit of an eye opener for him, because after a few years his money-counting career blossomed when he and a few friends turned over a mail train in the dead of night and made off with a million quid or so. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect … Reynolds, who subsequently did a 10-year stretch of a 25-year sentence for his efforts, was brought in to bring the gritty reality of underworld to life on the big screen by film director Paul McGuigan. TS wonders if his accounting skills were used in the making of Gangster No.1 and asks if he imparted advise to the cast on what to do with the proceeds after filming was completed – Rio at this time of year is quite nice we hear …

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