Male accountants earn up to 50% more than females

The pay gap between male and female chartered accountants is as big as 50%.

An ICEAW study alongside recruiter Robert Half found the average salary for a
male chartered accountant was £88,200 compared with an average of £60,500 for

Men also received higher bonuses, at an average of 28% of pay while women
received only 19%. The study also found that the pay gap between men and women
widened with age.

But women are beginning to catch up. Last year male accountants received an
average salary increase of only 7% while women received 10%. While men’s bonuses
fell by four per cent on average, women saw on average a 33% rise in theirs’.

The gap was partially explained by the fact that the average male accountant
tends to be older and longer qualified than their female counterparts.

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