CIPFA scraps Women in Accountancy sponsorship

Women In Accountancy (WIA) has reacted with alarm to CIPFA’s announcement it will no longer sponsor the organisation.

A spokesman for the public sector accountants’ institute said the organisation withdrew sponsorship of WIA last month. ‘The need for sponsorship is no longer as strong, so there is no need for it to be ongoing. We have ceased sponsorship of WIA but will continue to support its activities,’ he said.

The decision has prompted a review of the role of WIA within the profession, and ACCA said it was currently debating its future with the organisation.

‘In view of CIPFA’s withdrawal, ACCA is looking at whether or not it wants to stay with the group,’ said Anthea Rose, ACCA chief executive.

Anne Jenkins, president of WIA, said she was disappointed to hear of CIPFA’s withdrawal. ‘I was surprised to hear that CIPFA wanted to withdraw, it has been a major contributor to many of the group’s achievements. We will meet on 30 April to discuss the situation, so I can’t make any further comment until after that meeting.’

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