US set to adopt first international standard

The US standard setters are set to adopt their first IFRS rule wholesale into
US accounting, in the form of IAS 12, which deals with tax.

But the standard could leave investors uncertain as to how tax positions
would be accounted for, since the US standard, FIN 48, tells companies how to
account for uncertainty in tax positions, and specifically requires companies to
include information about potential tax liabilities – information previously
hidden with other potential liabilities.

But IFRS does not have a recognition threshold. The IASB, reported,
is likely to require companies to factor the potential uncertainty of a tax
position, regardless of how small this may be, into the amount of taxes reported
on the financial statement.

The way in which this liability is measured could also differ from US

The Financial Accounting Standards Board is expected to announce a resolution
in the next few months.

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