Revenue’s new IT partner warns of repeat

Link: Inland Revenue dumps EDS

Although Fujitsu and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young won the Revenue’s £3bn Aspire contract, the consortium will not take control until 1 July.

‘I’m afraid EDS is going to do the tax credit nightmare again in April, because before we take over it will be down to them,’ said Tim Gibson, director of Inland Revenue accounts at Fujitsu Services. ‘We will be shadowing them and seeing what we can do to try and de-risk it, but it will be EDS that is responsible.’

Gibson said EDS would be unable to significantly improve the Revenue’s computer systems, saying CGEY was the best choice. ‘We didn’t believe EDS could have done that transformation because that’s not the nature of the beast.’

The immediate task, Gibson said, was to deal with the computers that the national insurance systems operate on. ‘That’s the one where there’s the biggest focus on change because the equipment is old,’ he said. ‘It obviously has to be upgraded, nine years old in this day and age is archaic.’

Tax experts also fear a repeat of this years debacle. ‘I think we are going to see a terrible, terrible six-month period,’ said Anita Monteith, tax consultant with the ICAEW.


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