Deloitte appoints 38 new partners

Deloitte has announced today the admission of 38 new partners to the UK firm.
The increase in partner numbers comes as the Big Four firm begins its quest to
generate revenues of £2bn in two years. 

John Connolly, Deloitte’s chief executive, said the appointments spanned
audit, tax, consulting and corporate finance, and were just the beginning of a
bold plan to recruit over 100 new partners and 2000 staff over the next two

‘Our strategy is to ensure that we recognise and retain home-grown talent
while also recruiting direct entry-level partners to provide the broadest and
deepest range of expertise to our clients,’ said Connolly. ‘We have ambitious
plans to bring on board over 100 new partners and almost 2000 new people over
the next two years.’ 

Connolly had already made a series of high-profile appointments before
today’s announcement. Last month, the Deloitte head added seven new people to
the firm’s executive and chose new heads for audit, tax, client services.

In April the firm also secured the high-profile services of departing CBI
director general Sir Digby Jones, who will work as Connolly’s special adviser.

Earlier this year, Connolly, who was recently reappointmented as Deloitte’s
senior partner and chief executive for the next five years, unveiled a bold plan
to generate revenues of £2bn within the next two years. The aggressive
recruitment drive is clearly part of the the strategy to meet those targets.

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