Firm may send staff home.

Mid-tier firm Baker Tilly is carrying out ‘homeworking’ research which may lead to a revolution in terms of how the profession views the working practices of accountants.

The firm is understood to be investigating the concept of homeworking, and is in the process of studying whether the idea could be successfully implemented.

Although results from the research have yet to be produced, the firm is known to be eager to make ‘better use of its facilities’.

The flexible working research may lead to its employees increasingly working from home – a move which would allow the firm to reduce the need for large office buildings. It could also lead to a raft of firms adopting the policy.

Baker Tilly partner Teresa Graham said: ‘We have not taken any action yet, but we are looking to get to know the benefits of the concept more thoroughly.’

The firm, which recently acquired Fraser Russell, introduced a ‘hot-desking’ scheme several years ago at its London office.

This scheme allows one work station to be shared by two employees.

It recognised it did not have enough space at its London office. Job sharing schemes and night typing programmes have also been introduced at the firm to counter the need for further office space.

Graham added: ‘We had to introduce hot-desking at the firm because we did not have enough space and we never could at London prices if we want to remain in the more sought after areas.’

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