District society president warns of chaos

Peter Crane, sole practitioner and newly appointed president of the South Western district society, told AccountancyAge.com that a win for the motion put forward by South Essex District Society member Don Heady at the egm scheduled for 11 July is very possible.

Crane said: ‘I’m not confident that the motion will be put down. Small groups have been successful in the past. It’ll be chaos.’

Of Heady’s motion, which if successful could force the institute to rethink its revamped regional structure, Crane said: ‘People like him [Don Heady] are nervous of change. And their way of dealing with change is to resist it.’

The new regional structure will continue to encompass 22 district societies but there will only be ten physical centres in the regions.

The institute’s regional shake-up is intended to mirror governmental initiatives to develop the regional infrastructure and to position chartered accountants and their institute in a more prominent role.

Crane praised the shake-up. ‘Previously one of the problems was that there was poor communication and therefore misunderstanding.’

Crane, 62, runs two offices in Cornwall and one on the Isles of Scilly. Due to a previous internal defeat on updating training programmes, Crane has two trainee certified accountants in his offices instead of chartered accountants.


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