Solution to financial services Catch 22

The solution will see companies that outsource IT services to Worldport having the opportunity to ‘share their storage space with other companies, whilst retaining full control over their information’.

Costs relate to the amount of space used, but at the same time the solution provider says data security is ‘in no way compromised’.

Any data stored with Worldport is protected by fire-walls, anti-virus and anti-hacking services, while the site itself is physically guarded.

In addition, the space is scalable allowing companies the ability to plan for medium and long-term storage needs.

Vice president of sales and marketing Nicholas Jeffery said traditional web-hosting could not cope with the ‘massive demand caused by the increase in stored data’.

He added: ‘The new solution is a highly effective way of meeting their needs in the most cost-effective manner.’ This he said was at a time when financial services firms craved security but were nervous to invest.

Recently AL Digital, the owners of the Bunker, the UK’s prime data security site, acquired a second former Cold War bunker due to escalating demand for secure space against physical attacks.

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