APB ramps up calls for ‘going concern’ perspective

The Auditing Practices Board has echoed calls for companies and auditors to
take the unprecedented markets crisis into account when arriving at going
concern assumptions.

The financial community is bracing itself for a tough annual reporting season
in the wake of the financial upheaval and in releasing a bulletin on going
concern issues today, APB chairman Richard Fleck said:

‘The current difficult economic conditions do not of themselves necessarily
mean that a material uncertainty exists about an entity’s ability to continue as
a going concern, or justify auditors modifying their auditor’s report to draw
attention to going concern.’

The APB, part of the Financial Reporting Council, decided to draw more
attention to going concern after the UK regulator put out exhaustive guidance on
the topic last month.

‘Auditors should judge the need to draw attention to going concern
uncertainties in their auditor’s reports on the basis of the facts and
circumstances of the particular entity,’ Fleck added.

The FRC urged companies to devote plenty of time to going concern
disclosures, but also appeared to ask auditors to give some leeway with their

‘Auditors will need to ensure that they fully consider going concern
and only refer to going concern in their audit reports when appropriate,’ the
FRC said.

Read the full APB
bulletin here

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