Deloitte healthcare plan not ‘spying’ on workers


Deloitte has gone
on the defensive over plans to change its absence management programme,
promising that it is not intending to spy on employees who are off work sick.

Neil McKie, head of reward at Deloitte, said: ‘This is not designed to check
up on the employees. We just want to give them the best care that we can in the
quickest possible time frame so that they can get better.’

Deloitte already has a programme that allows employees to access telephone
support for personal or work related problems, bereavements or marital issues.
It is considering introducing a proactive health advice and guidance service for
staff when they first become ill.

The firm said the aim of the programme was to get its staff faster access to
specialist healthcare if they fall ill and are absent from work. Deloitte staff
have access to private medical insurance and dental insurance.

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