Checklist: Revenue gift to charities

Inland Revenue Leaflet IR178 explains how you can go about making gifts of shares or securities to charity, and the tax reliefs available when you do so.

Details of the last meeting of the Large Business Office Forum are available on the Revenue’s website. In October the Revenue announced it was to set up a ‘one-stop shop’ for non-residents tax affairs which is due to start from April 2001.

The corporation tax regulations 2000 come into force on 29 December 2000.

You can work out tax liability for the year ended April 5, 2000 with the help of a tax calculator on the website.

HM Customs and Excise
A new internet trade portal has been launched combining information on the UK, the United States and the 29 member countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development (OECD) and their worldwide partners.

Businesses can discover existing and emerging markets, analyse market shares and monitor and track product trends.

It brings together a global picture of trade from the key international sources.

English ICA Tax Faculty
Tax Faculty members who log into the members-only area of the Faculty website can take part in the Christmas Quiz. You will find the quiz in the TAXline Latest area (under Practical Points). The winners will win a magnum of champagne.

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