Taking Stock – US money-grabbers prove they want to be millionaires.

Hot on the heels of news that the US Securities and Exchange Commission forced the resignation of a UK accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers, it turns out those nasty American folk are at it again – this time from the Internal Revenue Service. The allegation this time has nothing to do with chasing poor victims for unpaid tax. It is just that, according to one British insurance underwriting syndicate, those money-grabbers are just too clever. The syndicate is suing the producers of the US version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire for making the questions too easy and continuing to choose intelligent contestants. Two IRS agents have already pocketed $1m while in the UK, nobody as yet has walked away with the jackpot. Perhaps we ought to start sending in the Inland Revenue to clean up – but then again, most accountants would probably argue that the tax men already get enough money out of the economy without taking the jackpot away from the taxpayers. TS only hopes that, as far as the insurance syndicate is concerned, it has better luck than the accountancy profession has had so far in its battle with the mighty USA.

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