CFOs urged to invest in web technology

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James Neophytou, consultant at IBM Business Consulting Services, said that although the web brings numerous benefits to business, creating enterprises that are able to respond to customer demands quickly, most information in the services is riddled with acronyms that leave even the most literate accountant baffled.

He added: ‘Complexity has been the number one issue for CFOs. Across all industries, more than 40% of all investments in information technology are consumed by just trying to get the technologies to work together.’

This is where the real benefits of web services will come to fruition. It is therefore essential for finance professionals to familiarise themselves with the benefits of this technology and to understand the impact it will have on their role in the future.’

Neophytou will be hosting a session on ‘Web services – a beginner’s guide’ at Softworld Accounting and finance at Earl’s Court in March.

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