IT salaries holding their own, says CSSA survey

The economic downturn has done little to dampen IT salary prospects, according to new figures.

Technical and managerial jobs across the IT sector have seen salary increases of almost six and seven per cent respectively in the last year, according to the latest salary and benefits survey from computing industry body CSSA.

CSSA marketing director Charles Ward said the survey results showed that recruiting and retaining good staff remain as big a challenge to IT industry employers as they have ever been.

‘The average increases that people are getting are way higher than national averages. There is still demand for experienced people from a solutions environment. In particular, project and program managers and people with big deal experience,’ Ward said.

Carol Hepburn, director of permanent recruitment at recruitment consultancy Computer People, confirmed that salaries were holding their own, ‘but candidates know that for every position they go for, it will be very competitive, particularly when clients are looking for specific skills or experience of specific industries.

‘It means that candidates’ expectations are much more flexible – and they’re much more interested in the company prospects, and things like flexible working and flexible benefits. People want to work for companies that are seen as good places to work, who live and breathe that culture, and their staff retention is very good.’

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