Extreme weather hits profession hard

Firms’ staff were forced to stay in makeshift shelters on Friday night as
road and rail networks were rendered impassable, leaving employees stranded and
unable to make their way home.

Chartered accountants at Crowthers in Worcester found themselves trapped as
they prepared to go home for the weekend as the water levels surged.

‘It was a case of get home if you can, but a lot of people just couldn’t.
Everbody’s been displaced by this,’ said the firm’s managing director Jonathan

Two of the penned-in Crowthers’ staff, one qualified accountant and one
student, were left to watch as their cars were written off as the levels rose.
The firm, which has 20 staff based in two locations in Pershore and Ledbury in
neighbouring Herefordshire, maintained its client service despite the

‘The flooding has been horrendous,’ said Steve Baily, a partner at Kingscott
Dicks, based in Gloucester.

‘Electricity supply has been erratic and our water supply could be cut, so we
sent people home early and have been operating with a skeleton staff.’

Another small local firm, Classic Financial Services, was also facing cuts to
water supply. Partners were holding emergency meetings when Accountancy
contacted the firm on Monday.

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