Letters – 24 September

Visionaries and Trots

ACCA’s visionary strategy to approach CIMA and CIPFA makes sense in a world which is constantly affected by international rather than national events.

MG Latouche MBA, FCCA, P(Mgr), past president ACCA (UK) in Canada

… Once again, the dissident Prem Sikka moans and whines about ACCA, specifically the proposed unification and cost thereof (‘Letters’, 3 September).

Could this be the same Prem Sikka and his band of Trotskyite followers who have caused numerous motions and votes to be suffered by the silent majority of ACCA members?

I would like to point out that a great many people support the idea of a unified profession and, while ACCA’s approach may have upset some, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

GD Torrington, ACCA

… There are two guaranteed ways to achieve a ‘yes’ response to a questionnaire: use loaded questions; bias the sample.

I cannot comment on whether the questions were loaded: but as one of the CIMA members who did not receive the questionnaire, I would love to know how I was ‘selected out’.

Name and address withheld

Sneering stupidity I agree heartily with the first half of ‘Leader’ (13 August), especially the devastation of the man whose department could not reconcile its accounts but saw no reason why it should use a qualified accountant.

Then, in the next sentence, you declare yourself as his blood-brother.

He must be an Oxbridge classicist.

On the rare occasions when I had the chance to recruit a classicist as an articled clerk, I always seized it and was never disappointed, least of all with the very occasional Oxbridge one. Your fourth paragraph might accurately have read ‘Our hallmark is sneering stupidity’.

John Denza, London NW3

Euro away with symbol ‘Taking Stock’ mentioned that Jordans’ special WP software lets users type the euro symbol (20 August). WordPerfect already allows users to do this very easily, and probably other mainstream word-processors can be similarly tweaked.

For a one-off symbol and with the cursor at the point where the symbol is required, select Typesetting from the Format menu and then Overstrike.

Just type C and = and click OK. The Keyboard Editor allows users to set up a macro of the sequence, giving a permanent facility.

The result depends on the font in use. Ariel and Arrus are among the best.

Alan Turner, Shrewsbury

Don’t jog the tableFor Don Bawtree’s comment, ‘it would be crazy to try to fundamentally change it because we have gone through such trauma to get this far’ (‘New review for charity SORP’, 10 September), please read: ‘We have built a house of cards, please do not jog the table’.

Brian H Worboys, FCA, Broomfield, Essex

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