TakingStock – Training in public relations.

While waiting for the late arrival (again) of the 09.07 South West Train into Waterloo, TS took time to flick through SWT’s glossy magazine for its put upon season ticket holders.

Imagine TS’s surprise, then, when alighting on the beaming face of one John Ellison, chairman of KPMG’s forensic accounting department and self-appointed champion of the commuting public on the Winchester line.

It turns out Ellison took the initiative after the recent rail debacle and invited SWT’s customer relations manager and service planning manager out for a spot of lunch to discuss a few matters.

Such issues on the table included mobile phones, speed of the trains and smoking, all of which were written up in gushing prose in the magazine.

Ironically, the forensic accountant’s lunch date was splashed next to the convoluted refund calculation for last year’s disruption.

It must have taken the skill of a forensic accountant to work it out.

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