Online business registry goes live

The global launch is part of the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration project, which has expanded from an initial 36 companies in September 2000 to more than 260 members today.

Designed to help companies conduct business online, American Express, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, SAP, Dell and Sun Microsystems have all signed up.

The UDDI Business Registry is a global public online directory that provides businesses with a uniform way to describe their services and discover other companies’ services. The registry also promises to make it easier for businesses to provide information about their products and services on the web.

Chris Kurt, general program manager for, said that the project is an important component in helping e-businesses fully exploit the advantages of web services.

‘For the past several months, early adopters in the UDDI beta test have been able to experiment with this online directory, identifying new partners and learning which technical specifications are needed to communicate with a partner’s system,’ he said.

Kurt explained that with Version 1 fully operational, the registry is ready to help even more businesses. He added that it is free for companies to submit information about their businesses to the registry, and companies of all sizes can register themselves on

‘We see this as critical for web services because you can discover and locate them in a single place,’ said Kurt.

The directory is hosted on the websites of Microsoft and IBM. The UDDI system is comprised of White, Yellow and Green pages. The White Pages will contain business names, descriptions of the type of business and other information.

The Yellow Pages adopt current Government codes for tagging types of business operations as well as international and technology-based naming protocols.

The Green Pages provide more specific information on what types of documents a company can receive, the entry point for transactions and the technology the business supports.


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