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Over half of people in the UK have hung up on a call centre, with 20% tempted to switch suppliers such as banks or utility companies because of bad service, according to research commissioned by Macro 4. The survey of a thousand people identified common complaints. For example, a third of respondents have been kept on hold for too long and 13% said they are tired of being “referred” or passed around to other departments.

Three-quarters of CEOs are involved in formulating information systems strategies, according to Compass Management Consulting. The survey of CEOs across 14 countries shows more cautious long-term planning is prevalent, as opposed to quick fixes. Two thirds of companies are adopting an e-business plan, half of which are operating on a timeframe of one to three years. These firms are not rushing to change the plans they have lain down, with over half reviewing their e-strategy annually or less frequently.

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