JP Morgan secretary ‘exploited’ accounts culture

Fielding, 26,
a secretary from investment bank
JP Morgan has escaped a jail term after
being found guilty of paying for trips around the world using thousands of euros
brought back unused by executives from business trips to Italy.

Sarah Clark, acting for the defence, said Fielding’s course of conduct didn’t
begin through greed, The Independent reported.

‘It seems there was a culture of slightly lacklustre accounting in general,
which not only made it easy but meant it didn’t stand out as much as perhaps it
would have done at another organisation,’ Clarke said.

Fielding admitted stealing £17,680 from JP Morgan, where she worked between
May 2006 and April 2007.

Fielding, originally from New Zealand, was handed a 51-week suspended
sentence at the Old Bailey and branded a ‘disgrace’ by the judge.


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