Premiership is ‘the financial champion’ of European football

Link: Football finance survey – They think it’s all over

The Deloitte annual review of football finance showed that England’s top league generated £1.2bn in income last year, an average of £62m per club, compared with second placed Serie A in Italy, which drew in £0.8bn.

English Premiership clubs also generated the most profit, averaging £6.2m per club, well ahead of the German Bundesliga on £4.4m per club.

Clubs are also getting a better control on costs, with wages in England showing their slowest growth since the formation of the Premiership, rising 8% to £38m per club. Total transfer fees of £203m for English clubs represented a 50% fall on the previous season.

‘Whilst there will continue to be big fees for the big stars, in general, clubs are no longer prepared to, nor need they, spend significant sums on acquiring player registrations,’ said Gerry Boon, partner in Deloitte’s sports business group. ‘The 2001-2002 season was a watershed and the subsequent financial results demonstrate that the market has changed.’

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