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The survey found traditional ways of working are being transformed by e-commerce and the internet as well as the services accountants are likely to offer in future. Scroll down or click for the full story.

For more IT stories, scroll down the newswire or visit, where you will also find the latest breaking stories covering the business and accountancy sector. this week launches a new service for those who have to deal with tax issues in their work. All Inland Revenue and Customs & Excise press releases are now being added to the site, and you can also scroll back through all press releases published this year in reverse date order, including those all important Budget releases.

These will be permanently accessed through the ‘Tax press releases’ button under ‘Essentials’ on the left-hand side of the home page. For the next week we also have a button among the special reports and event notices on the right-hand side.

Special reports this week include a look the current state of play in the premiership football finance world, and a look at the the image of accountants in the wake of a

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