US attorneys go after PartyGaming founders

Dozens of accounting and law firms have been ordered to hand over documents
relating to PartyGaming, 999 and Empire Online as the US Department of Justice
cracks down on the fortunes made by the gambling companies.

The billions made by the founders of
PartyGaming are being hotly pursued by US
authorities, who are demanding British banks provide hard evidence of their

Accounting firms, investment banks and law firms – among whom are DKW, book
runner to HSBC, 888’s book runner BDO Stoy
, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and Investec – are handing over
details of individuals’ ownership and involvement in the companies to US
investigators who intend using it as court evidence.

According to local banks, the US Department of Justice intends to recover
– through fines and seizure of assets – monies made by the company’s senior

The single largest target, according to The Daily Telegraph, is
Anurag Dikshit, the brains behind

Dikshit took out ?432m when the company floated. Since June 2005 when the
company listed, the four founders have cashed in more than ?1.2bn.

Internet gaming was effectively banned in October last year when president
Bush signed legislation outlawing gaming-related financial transactions.

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