FDs: Technology is causing stress

Although 43% maintained the advance in technology had made their lives less stressful, 49% of those polled said it had not.

Many cited reliability problems as a major source of irritation, especially when crucial to the running of the company.

Brian May, finance director of Gilt Edge Diaries, said: ‘It makes life easier as it speeds things up, but when it goes down, it’s like losing your arm.’

While seeing the benefits of IT, Nigel Collin of Mitchanol International, said: ‘There’s too much of it; everybody is eating their sandwiches in front of it.’

Many of the FDs quizzed in the poll felt that the pace of change and the speed created by new technology added to workplace stress.

As one FD commented: ‘It causes great time pressure as everything can be sent quicker by fax and e-mail; more stress for everybody.’

Analysis: stress at work

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