Practice management: Generating leads – Referral clubs

One member from each profession is invited to join the club which meets weekly or fortnightly over breakfast or lunch. Each member is invited to make a presentation about himself and his business.

Each member is required to give two leads per month to another member and whilst this is done in total confidence, the secretary of the club should be kept aware of all the referrals.

In order for a club like this to work effectively the following ‘tips’ are recommended.

  • Only allow decision makers to join – managers and second-tier people may not be appropriate.
  • Meet regularly.
  • Members that don’t generate the required number of leads for other members should be asked to leave and replaced by another person in that profession.

This has proved very successful for several accountants and you might consider starting a club yourself, (or arranging for an ‘independent’ third party to do this on your behalf).

Invite five or six people to lunch to explore the possibilities. Ensure that you invite professionals who are equally keen as yourself to develop their business, (bankers, solicitors, stock brokers, estate agents, computer companies and printers are just some of the examples that you might consider).

Best of luck!

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