New members join watchdog

A former manager in Andersen Consulting’s European practice is one of two new appointments to the Audit Commission made last week by local government minister Hilary Armstrong, writes Ben Griffiths.

Julie Baddeley, executive director of Woolwich, was head of change management for part of Consulting’s European practice before moving to Woolwich where she currently has executive responsibility for IT, human resources and the overall change programme.

She is also chairman of Woolwich’s life assurance and general insurance business and, prior to that, she was director of Sema Group Consulting.

Also joining the commission is Brian Wolfe, director of business efficiency and IT at Marconi Communications. Both appointments are for a period of three years.

As director of business efficiency at Marconi, Wolfe played a key role in its recent reorganisation process following the acquisition of part of the business by British Aerospace. Wolfe has worked in GEC and its subsidiaries for most of his career covering avionics, electrical domestic appliances and telecommunications.

The move follows consultation with the profession, the Local Government Association, the CBI and the TUC.

The posts carry salaries of £6,800 per year for a commitment of two days per month.

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