PPS talked out of quitting over 10p starting tax

Labor ministers and whips managed to talk Angela Smith, a parliamentary
private secretary (PPS) at the
Treasury, out of
standing down after she had told colleagues she would quit rather than be forced
to support the scrapping of the 10p starting tax rate, when it is voted on in
the next two weeks.

‘Smith had concerns about the impact of the tax changes,’ a Treasury aide
told The Independent. ‘She raised those concerns with senior ministers,
but that is the end of the matter. She is not resigning from her role as
Parliamentary Private Secretary.’

More than 70 Labour MPs are opposing the measure, threatening to cross the
floor on the issue causing a defeat for the Government.

Speculations have intensified over the likelihood that Prime Minister Gordon
Brown might be forced to bow to demands to compensate the 5.3m people on low
income who will lose out.

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