Darling to raise green taxes

Alistair Darling is set to announce a raft of higher green taxes.

The chancellor is due to speak at the launch of the
of Wales’
Accounting for Sustainability conference today, and is set to also
unveil a greener approach to taxation,
Independent reports

The paper quotes a draft of Darling’s speech, which will say: ‘Sustainability
will be at the heart of the next Budget. This is not an optional extra. It is
essential for all our futures.’

‘We cannot let short-term costs stop us acting now. And as Chancellor, we
will not have a Treasury that only sees the cost of acting, but a Treasury that
sees the cost in not acting.’

The government is to set up a parallel currency and budget for carbon, the
paper adds.

‘We must live within our new carbon budgets for the health of the wider
world; and play our role in avoiding the threat of catastrophic climate change,’
Darling is set to say.

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