BAA credit rating cut to junk status

Already buckling under heavy debts, airports operator BAA suffered a further
blow when its credit rating was slashed to BB-, relegating it to junk status.

Credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s said poor quality service and high
staff turnover in senior management had prompted the cut.

BAA, which operates Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted, was acquired by a
consortium led by Spanish group Ferrovial for £16.3bn. The deal was highly
leveraged and the group has since encountered refinancing delays that could lead
to ‘liquidity tensions’ S&P warned.

The high leverage allowed the consortium to take advantage of generous tax
relief on interest on debt, but the company, with earnings of £879m, now has
little headroom to cover the £820m debt on BAA’s books.

The BAA rating cut will raise concerns over foreign acquisitions of key UK
assets and the risks using of heavy leverage to make acquisitions.

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