Accountants to descend on Istanbul for world expo

The city of Istanbul will be the setting for the 17th World Congress of
Accountants – dubbed the ‘accounting Olympics’ – which will run from 13 to 16
November this year.

Like its sporting equivalent, the event is held every four years and is
organized by the International Federation of Accountants, who have estimated
that 5,000 delegates will attend this year’s event.

This time, the theme will be ‘Generating Economic Growth and Stability
Worldwide’ reflecting the mission of IFAC and its 163 member organizations in
nearly 120 countries.

Accountants, international regulators, standard setters, government
officials, corporate leaders, and those involved in determining international
accounting standards will come together to discuss ways of improving the way
accountants service businesses and investors.

IFAC president Graham Ward, in his welcoming speech, said: ‘We are proud of
this Congress. It serves as a reminder to the world that the international
accountancy profession is dedicated to protecting the public interest, devoted
to the development of strong international economies, and committed, in all that
we do, to the values of integrity, transparency and expertise.

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