MoD accounts qualified after £268m payroll error

ministry of defence london

MoD, London

The National Audit Office has found errors in the payroll system for the
Ministry of Defence. Checks of the Joint Personnel Administration system found
that just over 14% of transactions on specialist pay, expenses and allowances
led to a likely error estimated at up to £268m.

The findings, among others, lay behind an NAO decision to qualify the MoD’s
accounts this week. HM Revenue & Customs, the Treasury, the Department for
Work and Pensions, and the Equality Commission also saw their accounts

Treasury accounts could not be signed because the department spent £24bn more
than it told Parliament it would due to losses arising from the Asset Protection

HMRC accounts were qualified largely as a result of errors and fraud in the
tax credit system, amounting to between £1.58bn and £1.84bn.

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